Download our database and use it with one of the suggested apps!

Install one of the suggest call blocking apps.

Download a Broker Buster database in the correct app format.

Import the database into the app.

Periodically re-download and re-import the database.

Enjoy the peace and silence!


Is there an app for Huawei?

Unfortunately, the apps available in Huawei appstore that we have evaluated do not seem to be handling our database properly, most likely due to the number of numbers that need to be blocked. In case you are aware of any good quality call blocker for Huawei that supports blocklist import functionality, please let me know at [email protected]

Importing of the database takes a very long time. Can I speed it up?

Unfortunately, nothing can be done about this. Most of the call blocking apps were not designed to handle blocklists of tens of thousands of numbers.

I got a message that the app has frozen while loading the database.

Please choose the Wait option. Some apps take a while to import a database that huge and your phone thinks they froze.

I have another question

Please check our main FAQ at Broker Buster homepage.